30 Apr Am I doing it right?

Don’t be discouraged, many of our wonderful teachers have found themselves asking that same question when flying the simulator for the first time. We all know it takes practice and everyone learns differently, which is why we have been working on another aid for our instructors.

Whether you use it yourself or show it to your class before flight, we have been recording our tutorial flights for you so you can see it executed before you get behind the wheels…or in this case the Yoke.

Just visit our youtube channel >¬†https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiCMVQB67ht0scQW-HNzLlA < and find the flight you would like to see. All of the tutorials have been placed in a playlist called, “STEMPilot Designed-Standard Missions” to make it easier for you to navigate. As the tutorial recordings are executed and recorded they will be added to this playlist. So if you don’t see one, be assured it will be posted soon.

Good luck and happy flying!