08 Oct Multicultural HS adds to their simulators

October 4, STEMPilot delivered 2 Edustation Pro simulators to Multicultural HS in Brooklyn NY. The addition of these 2 Edustation Pros brings their count to 4 of our simulators in their aviation program. Col. Gracia is in command of the  AF JROTC  assisted by Instructor Eddie Carr. The schools is embarking on an association with the local Civil Air Patrol to allow students the opportunity to get in the cockpit.

But that’s not all. We also had the pleasure of delivering their first SAFEDrone Classroom drone instruction unit. This is our FIRST in a NYC school. 

We are so happy to be supporting their program and look forward to working more with their wonderful staff in the future

Happy, and “S.A.F.E.” flying!