18 Jun Personalized Certificate of Achievement for Every STEMPilot Mission/Activity Flight

As many of you may know we have provided a Certificate for you to use and present to your students when they complete our Tutorials. It is located in your Customer package as well as a PDF on your desktop. Well as our programs advance, we thought it might be nice to give the certificate an upgrade as well. However we didn’t just change the design , we also customized it to highlight the different achievements met for each individual Mission.

The PDF below includes the certificates for all 9 Missions/Tutorial, 2 Expert versions of the tutorials and the 3 Activity Flights.

[pdf-embedder url=”http://www.stempilot.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Certificate-of-Achievement-v3-4-13-18.pdf” title=”Certificate of Achievement v3-4-13-18″]


If you still would like to use the original Certificate of Achievement and can’t find it,

we have posted that for you here.