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STEMPilot Installed STEM Curriculum Edustations In Aviation Mobile Lab For K-12 Students In Florida

Waterbury, CT-based STEMPilot has installed flight simulators and STEM Edustations in a former school bus to create a STEM-focused Aviation Mobile Lab that students across Pasco County, Florida will utilize to learn aviation skills and techniques

WATERBURY, Conn. – Oct. 19, 2017 – PRLog — Jay LeBoff, creator and owner of STEMPilot based in Waterbury, Connecticut announced that his company has assisted career-focused educators in Pasco County, Florida to create a STEM-focused Aviation Mobile Lab within a former school bus for students in grades 1 through 12 to learn aviation skills and techniques. The lab provides students with STEMPilot’s hands-on learning experience through the instructive curriculum. “The Pasco County program is designed to keep the students on a linear track by starting their curriculum in elementary schools and continuing that learning through middle and high schools,” stated LeBoff.

Career Technical Education (CTE) Director of Pasco County, Terry Aunchman, and Brian Sawyer of the Pasco County Aviation Academy, a division of CTE, contacted STEMPilot after acquiring the school bus requesting installation of instructional STEMPilot Edustation flight simulators to create the first-of-its-kind Aviation Mobile Lab that will travel to K-12 schools across the County. The Pasco County Aviation Mobile Lab features 6 STEMPilot Edustation flight simulators and a 3D printer.

“Our Edustations,” explained LeBoff, “facilitate elementary to high school students the physical experience of flight simulation by flying all types of aircrafts while they apply STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, principles in Meaningful Project Based STEM Learning.  Each completed flight plan applies geometry, algebra, physics, trigonometry, meteorology, geography and topography. The curriculum also includes two informational writing assignments covering family heritage and aviation history. Students learn while fulfilling N.G.S.S., Common Core and Florida, Texas and New York City educational standards.

“STEMPilot’s Edustations offer a student the highly-individualized, hands-on experience of sitting in a simulated cockpit, navigating, and ‘flying’ a small plane, jet or helicopter. The Edustation comes ready to fly with the STEMPilot Flight PC, yoke, throttle, rudder controls and a 32″ high definition wide-screen display. Edustations allow each student to personally experience all the mechanics, theories and skillful techniques aircraft pilots must utilize to safely maneuver and succeed in the ‘often-challenging’ landing of their aircraft.”

“The Aviation Mobile Lab is equipped with a handicap-accessible lift and ramp at the rear of the bus/mobile lab. We designed one of the Edustations to be accessed by a student in a wheelchair. When the lift rises it allows a student to roll into the mobile lab right to the Edustation. When wheelchair access is not necessary, that one Edustation is available for use by another student.”
Flight crews of two are formed consisting of a pilot and co-pilot, at each simulator, working together in collaborative problem-solving. The crew rotates position after each mission so members assess each other during a flight. Drone training software and controllers are available as well as a variety of cockpit instruments and display scenarios.

“STEMPilot’s Edustations emphasize meaningful project-based learning that helps develop individual students’ problem-solving, collaborative, and critical thinking abilities working as a flight crew team. Through pilot-focused flight simulation, students learn about potential careers in math, science, engineering, and aerospace by exploring such topics as aeronautics and aerospace engineering, aerospace physiology, navigation, and the physics of flight.  Through STEMPilot’s easy to use curriculum and verbally tutored simulator missions, students are learning life skills relevant to today’s and tomorrow’s careers.

“In preparation for a visit from Pasco County Mobile Aviation Lab students will be given introductory lessons, to prepare them to effectively use the lab when it arrives. Via STEMPilot’s verbally-tutored simulator learning missions, each student will learn to ‘fly’ the Edustation simulator. The learning missions are linear starting with the fundamentals of controlling flight surfaces, taxiing, takeoff, and landing. As students advance they train flying more advanced missions; flying a pattern, flying cross country, flying V.O.R’s, and flying full instrument ILS approaches. The simulators are capable of flying every airfield on the planet in one of 50 aircraft all geographically and topographically correct.

“Included are additional Activity Missions including flying the ‘Miracle on the Hudson’ where the student takes on the role of Captain “Sully” Sullenberger. The students are at the controls of the Air Bus A-320 on runway 4 at La Guardia Airport, flying through boxes in the sky to the bird strike and then it’s up to each student from that point forward.”

STEMPilot has installed over 100 simulators in Pasco, Hillsborough, Pinellas Counties in elementary, middle and high schools. LeBoff commented, “It has been a very successful endeavor because Pasco County has constructed a wonderful program by connecting the content through all grades. The objective is to build self-esteem in students by learning to complete complex and difficult tasks. Exposure to aviation and computer simulation offers an introduction to career building opportunities for young girls and boys.”

STEMPilot’s K12 Curriculum and Edustation flight simulators are designed to teach students to apply classroom math science and engineering through aeronautics-focused content. “We assume teachers, have no prior aviation experience. Each simulator has 5 P.D. training videos teaching all of the fundamentals needed for teachers and students. The STEMPilot curriculum, tutored missions, and worksheets teach the basics to the complex for 1st through 12thgrade students,” explains LeBoff.

“This curriculum embraces geometry, trigonometry, physics, meteorology, geography, topography, algebra, and Earth science while encouraging students to solve complex problems using multiple math and science disciplines. There is no reason a first-grade student cannot understand that weight and gravity hold us on the ground or we would all be floating around.”

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