SAFEDrone 1 Home & Classroom Kit


SAFEDrone 1 kit includes everything you need to implement a reliably SAFE drone program in your home or  school. The protocol is to train and qualify students in a multi-level drone simulation learning program before ever taking control of a quad copter. Once becoming a Certified Pilot students will learn to fly guarded-prop quad-copters in the classroom, repeating similar exercises from the simulation.  Successful  students can design and fly through an obstacle course for classrooms. SAFEDrone 1 is an introduction kit.


$2,995.00 + Freight $158.00 = $3,153.00 Total Cost delivered to contagious 48 states.


The kit includes:

  • (1) SAFEDrone Curriculum unit with Lesson Plan   
  • (1) SAFEDrone simulation software and wireless controller ( additional seats available)
  • (2) Guarded Prop Quad-Copters     
  •  Spare Props &Batteries with charger
  • (4) Bulls Eye Landing Pads   
  • (5)  Pair of Safety Glasses
  • (1) Altitude Hold Post     (3) Foam Classroom Obstacles
  • This software is for PC’s ONLY NO Mac’s or Chromebooks 


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