STEMPilot 3-12 Science STEM: Introduction to Aviation



Our all new 3-12 Science Curriculum helps students understand basic science, physics, math, and much more!

Designed for Google Classroom, our easy-to-follow lesson plan is aligned with NGSS. Each lesson starts with a video for visual learning first.

The free flight simulator runs on any tablet or smartphone.


How it works:

  • Purchase a subscription for the 3-12 STEM: Introduction to Aviation ($1,995.00). This authorizes your school unlimited access for the student body enrolled at your school location.
  • You’ll receive an access key to copy the curriculum folder to your Google Classroom system.
  • We recommend your students first watch the video(s) for each chapter, so they know the lesson to come.
  • Students are welcome to watch the learning videos as many times as they wish to master the content.

How to apply in your class:

  • 10 Lesson folders which include curriculum units, learning videos, activities, and quizzes.
  • 10 lesson units taught at one per week.
  • Students can fly unlimited hours on their tablet or smartphone.
  • X-Plane is an accurate and realistic flight simulator for tablets or smartphones.

What’s included?

  • 10 Lesson folders which include curriculum units, learning videos, activities, and quizzes.
  • Also included are these teacher documents: Lesson Plans – NGSS Alignment – Answer Key

This curriculum is created to engage your 3-12th grade science students by teaching them to fly a Cessna 172 aircraft while they study the theory of flight. Each lesson folder contains a video(s), curriculum unit, an activity and an evaluation. Teachers also receive a lesson plan, aligned with NGSS and an answer key for the evaluation.  This curriculum is delivered over a 10 week period with one unit per week. STEMPilot’s  3-12 Science STEM: Introduction to Aviation is written for Google Classroom. Your school can purchase a license for all students in your one physical location. We will give you a key to the transfer folder. Our flight simulator is X Plane for tablets and smartphones and it is free.