03 Dec STEMPilot Flies SAFEDrone at the 2019 NC Trade & Industry Conference, NC

Educators from around North Carolina met at the Trade and Industry Council Conference held in Morehead City,NC.  We ran a workshop to demonstrate the need for SAFE training before taking the controls of any drone. Teachers studied the Theory of Flight while they trained on the SAFEDrone simulator. After completing the sim training and putting on the supplied safety glasses, each took the controls of our quad-copter in the room to see for themselves. Minor chaos ensued, demonstrating the need for simulator training FIRST. These teachers all now know what it really take to fly and why going to the football field with a $1,000.00 drone is a terrible and dangerous idea. SAFEDrone is a protocol for 3-12th grade classroom using aviation as a learning tool.   

We would also like to offer a special thanks to Learning Labs and our N.C. rep., Carl Latini for all their assistance during the workshop and banquet the night before. 

Now we have posted a bunch of photos below of our staff and teachers flying the simulator and the drones… and yes we kept in the drone fails.