25 May STEMPilot delivers a new Edustation to Brooklyn Lab School’s JROTC program

On May 8th, two of our representatives delivered a second Edustation to Brooklyn Labs JROTC  in New York City. The schools Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps. Program gives students an opportunity to develop technical and leadership skills. We are so proud to be part of their growth.

During the customary P.D. Training, our representatives worked with the JROTC instructors as well as the students. As they went over the differences from the original Edustation to the new one, students quickly felt ready to fly and see who could complete the tutorial mission faster. However, they soon figured out it wasn’t as easy as they anticipated. Not only did it involve more thought and concentration in the flight itself, but student needed to follow instructions closely to verify the correct flight controls were being used

As multiple students were successfully flying missions, the instructors were impressed with how much more energy was coming from there class from just one more unit. Overall, it was an outstanding and successful day.