30 May STEMPilot Exhibits at Danbury Library’s STEAM Fair and Robotics Expo 5-13-17

STEMPilot (represented by Angelika Kozdra and Shannon Gracie) displayed our Edustation Flight Simulator this year at the STEAM Fair and Robotics Expo on May 13. This event was graciously hosted by the Danbury Library in Danbury CT. “I don’t know who had more fun, us or the kids”, Shannon mentioned upon returning. But it wasn’t only the kids (ranging from ages 4-16). Just as eager and excited to fly, were their parents.

“I was so happy to see the parents display such a high level of involvement and interest in their children’s education”, said Shannon, “Their encouragement was strongly reflected in those kids and it was amazing to see. If you view the pictures at the end of this article, you will see a few examples of what I am talking about. A four year old demonstrated a level of focus and understanding expected of someone twice his age. A young boy knelt behind his little brother as he guided him through a tutored flight. In both these cases and in many more, the parents were right there smiling and encouraging them.”

We would like to say thank you to the Danbury Library staff as well as all the volunteers who gave their time to make this event happen. But also to all the parents who brought their kids to the fair; thank you for supporting their passions and just as importantly, their education.

We believe in the virtue of engaging students to apply their classroom knowledge of math and science in a meaningful project based learning program. Through our discussions and demonstration of flying the Edustation, we hope we were able to demonstrate to all of you at this event the value our program can add to your children’s school. But most importantly, we hope you enjoyed flying with us.