19 Jun STEMPilot Joins the Many Organizations Supporting Estuary Day 6-3-17

It was our second year participating in Estuary Day and we are already excited for our third.

Already having been postponed once because of weather, we, the STEMPilot crew became quite concerned when we saw the prediction of showers. However, the event’s organizers, Gene and Beth Ritter were radiating confidence in that it would be a short lived shower. So, we all stuck it out. The timing was so perfect it could have been scripted. As volunteers started to arrive the rain started to fade. It was as if the growing optimisum in the crowd was chasing the rain back to the clouds and out to sea.

Once the rain had subsided, life erupted across the park. Volunteers from about 10 schools and 20 different organizations suddenly flooded the park. They were all here to celebrate their community in this wonderful annual event. Estuary Day is a day to work together as a team, not just to clean the beach but to learn about the environment as well. From diving demonstrations and underwater robotics to water chemistry and microscopic viewings of plankton; there is always something new to experience just around the corner. You never know, you might just get to fly a plane…ok.. a simulated one.

By the end of the day, over 200 volunteers had shown up willing and ready to clean and learn. Together they collected over 2,500 pounds of marine debris from the Kaiser park waterfront. You all did such a wonderful job and we are so happy to have been a part of this event again. Thank you all for your hard work and we hope to see you all again next year.