30 Apr The New Book is Here!

Hi everybody!

If you haven’t already heard, our curriculum book was updated recently and has finally arrived back from print, filled with more information then ever.

Our K-12, Project-Based -Learning, STEM Curriculum is now sporting a new layout, new lessons, new tutorials for your simulator, new activities and much more for you to utilize in your classroom. Even better, our curriculum has officially begun its distribution to the public, as part of the STEMPilot package to all the schools who have purchased a simulator since its arrival.

So whether you want to join the STEMPilot family, are already a part of it and want to update your book, or just looking to expand your lessons, our representatives are here to help.

Call us today to order your new book for $125, or get it free with the purchase of any STEMPilot Simulator package for the educational environment.

Our offices are open from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. (EST) and you can call us at (203) 527-5747, or email sales@stempilot.com for any questions.