02 Aug USDA receives SAFEDrone 10 kit

Congrats to USDA on a SAFEDrone 10 kit! BlueSTEM has partnered with the USDA on implementing S.A.F.E (Simulated Actions First Education) flying. The USDA and SAFEDrone offer an opportunity to train for the FAA Drone Pilot License written exam (Part 107). SAFEDrone is a S.A.F.E way to fly inside the classroom. Learning theory, followed by the fundamentals through software simulation before any real flying! After completion of software students will have a safe quadcopter to fly. Which include fun props and obstacles. The SAFEDrone 10 includes everything needed to fly a class of 30 students! You can even work in Flight Crews of 3 with your students. They are engaging lessons that promote critical thinking, communication, and team-building skills.