K12 NGSS Curriculum for students to understand how engineering, science, physics and math allow an airplane to FLY!
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Learn to fly drones in your classroom.

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Edustation Simulators

Flight simulators designed for the classroom.

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Pilot Pro Simulators

Sit-in flight simulators for an immersive flight experience.

STEMPilot Curriculum

STEMPilot Curriculum

STEMPilot Curriculum is used  in 3-12 STEM Labs, Math & Science class, Engineering Design programs, Aeronautics class and After-School Flying Clubs. Students learn the theory of flight while they learn to fly on a flight simulator.

Safe Drone from SREMPilot

SAFEDrone Classroom Kits

SAFEDrone is a protocol for schools to use drones in education, SAFELY. Students learn the theory of flight while training on our drone simulator. Upon completing the sim training they get their wings and fly guarded prop quadcopters indoors, repeating the training from the simulator. Eventually they can build an obstacle course with the included foam obstacles. Everything you need including safety glasses

STEMPilot Classroom

STEMPilot Classroom

Our “Introduction to Aviation” is a Google Classroom ready 10 unit NGSS Aligned curriculum using our “Visual Learning First” education. Students will watch animated learning vidoe(s) first, then work on the curriculum and activities. Suitable for all learners 3rd grade and older.

Engaging Students In STEM Like Never Before

STEMPilot delivers innovative learning experiences to spark an early interest in classroom math, science, technology and engineering.


  • Engages kids with an exciting video game-like experience
  • Demonstrates real-world usefulness of STEM with application to aviation
  • Offers challenges with clear goals and feedback in guided missions

STEMPilot’s Curriculum Drives Meaningful, Project Based STEM Learning

  • Teaches principles of flight leveraging STEM concepts, from geometry to algebra, trigonometry, physics, meteorology, geography and topography
  • Assumes no prior aviation experience
  • Structured in easy to follow chapters
  • Aligned to Next Generation Science Standards, Common Core, NYC Science Scope & Sequence, and other city and state standards