Incorporating STEMPilot In the Classroom

Preparing Kids for Careers, Not Jobs!

Educators want a S.T.E.M. initiative embracing engineering, math and science. The challenge is how to implement this multi-disciplinary program without increasing any fragmentation/separation already existing between classes. STEMPilot curriculums will help kids answer one simple question.

Why is an Airplane able to Fly?

Students explore the Theory of Flight while they learn to fly on a flight simulator. Every Flight Plan use geometry, physics, algebra, trig, meteorology, geography, topography and history. Students form into “Flight Crews” to study and fly together promoting Collaborative Learning. Crews  learn to fly using the 10 Simulator Learning Mission installed on every flight simulator.

Our goal is to demonstrate careers in engineering, coding, aviation or business.

Visual Learning First Education

Each lesson begins with a learning video introducing the content to be studied. STEMPilot Classroom is designed for students from 3rd through 12th grade Curriculums include easy    to follow NGSS aligned lesson plans, Leaning Videos, Activities, Alignments and Evaluations. Students learn by doing, Project Based Learning. Teachers do not need any aviation experience, just the desire to explore. We offer Free Support for all of our customers.

STEMPilot Classroom 3-4-5  Is a 10-unit Science STEM: Aviation for Elementary School Students. Google Classroom Ready

STEMPilot 6-12 Is a middle and high school curriculum using Edustation or Pilot Pro Flight Simulators.

SAFEDrone  Are kits for schools who want to use drones in education. We qualify the Pilot First!

About STEMPilot

Our product includes our Standard K-12 S.T.E.M. Curriculum, SAFEDrone Curriculum, Media supported lesson plans, Fully tutored simulated flights teaching the basics of aircraft operation, and so much more.

All of the STEMPilot lessons are aligned to Next Generation Science Standards, Common Core, New York City Science Scope & Sequence, and other city and state standards to help teachers incorporate STEMPilot in the classroom.

Feel free to check out the alignment and facilitation materials below, or contact us further detail.

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