CODEDrone 10 Python Classroom Kit


CODEDrone 10 kits are designed to teach Python coding using programable drones. Students will learn to instruct using Python to fly, change direction and change altitude. Then the will write autonomous flight plans and fly the drones indoors. Eventually they will direct the drones to fly thorough an obstacle course.   The curriculum book includes easy to follow multimedia lesson plans,  power point slides and activities.


$6,895.00 + Freight $197.00 = $7,092.00 Total Cost delivered to contagious 48 states.


Each Kit Includes:

1 Curriculum Book with Multimedia Lesson Plans Aligned with CTSA and Common Core Stds.

1 Digital Curriculum Book with lesson plans, smart board ready 

10 Python codable quadcopters

36 Pair Safety Glasses

3 Altitude Hold Posts

40 Bullseye Landing targets and

3 Foam Obstacles.