CA Science Teachers fly the STEMPilot and SAFEDrone Simulators at San Jose CAST Conference

CA Science teachers gathered for their annual CAST conference in San Jose CA. Teachers who want different student outcomes are looking at better ways for their students to understand how math, science and engineering interacts in our world. STEMPilot’s K12 curriculum uses flight simulators to apply classroom knowledge in Meaningful Project Based Learning. SAFEDrone taught teachers how to implement a drone activity in their schools. Students learn the theory of flight then train on the SAFEDrone simulator. Students who successfully complete the sim training receive their “Wings” and repeat the sim missions flying actual quad-copters in the classroom. The SAFEDrone kits include everything you need including safety glasses. All of our products include curriculum ans lesson plans with multi-media enrichment and they are aligned with NGSS.           S.A.F.E.  Simulated Activity First Education