STEMPilot Announces First Museum Kiosk Flight Simulator

Many visitors to aviation museums want to fly.  STEM initiatives at museums explore the math and science of flight. “The Works” in Newark, Ohio,  a  History, Art and Technology Museum,  is celebrating Jerri Mock, the first woman to fly solo around the world. Jerri was from Newark, hence the celebration.  STEMPilot’s Museum Kiosk is totally self-directed and coaches the visitor to fly a pattern from takeoff to landing around John Glenn Columbus International Airport, Columbus, OH. Just sit in front of the cockpit yoke, press the Green Button and away you go. The mission coaches visitors to fly through boxes in the sky as targets.  When the mission is complete, the simulator resets waiting for the next visitor. STEMPilot created the cockpit simulator and software for the kiosk. For more information contact us at 203-527-5747 or