STEMPilot @ Fordham University summer STEP program

Last week, I have completed teaching at Fordham’s STEP program and I am proud of the work I have done over there. There were 9 students in my class and all of them were interested in the teaching I gave them along with the Edustation simulators.
I covered the majority of the topics from your curriculum, ranging from flight controls, aerodynamics, navigation and weather and assigned them worksheets on what was covered. Since the class only lasted for 8 days, I only ran Missions 1 – 6 on the Edustation. Furthermore, most of the students were able to complete the Aviation History paper and the Heritage Research Project presentation.
Josh Rivera is a senior at Vaughn College of Aeronautics in Queens NY. Josh started flying as a senior at The Frederick Douglass Academy in  NYC and now has a private pilot certificate, Instrument Rated certificate and Commercial Pilot certificate. Upon graduating Josh will go on to become a commercial pilot. Congratulations Josh!