STEMPilot Kiosk Simulator for Ministry of Education for the Province of British Columbia

CLICK HERE TO FLY THE MISSION        The STEMPilot Kiosk Simulator is now being transported to schools throughout British Columbia by Inventa Inc. to support Career Opportunities for students in the Province.  Inventa asked us to create a 3.5 minute introduction to aviation and engineering careers by flying the Bombardier CRJ over Vancouver BC.  Simply pressing the green button starts a verbally tutored learning mission flying through boxes in the sky. When complete the  simulator then automatically resets itself for the next visitor. STEMPilot created the software for this project and integrated it into the edustation flight simulator platform. A travel crate for each unit allows Inventa to roll the crates to the new site, remove the edustation, plug it in and your ready to fly. For more information contact us 203-527-5747