STEMPilot to support NYC Dept. of Education STEM INSTITUTE February, 2017

The New York City Department of Education’s Mid Winter STEM Institute will feature sessions on teaching math and science using flight simulators in Meaningful Project Based Learning. The sessions will be taught by Mr. Henry Rey, a NYC teacher and Certified Flight Instructor. STEMPilot will support these sessions with Edustation Flight Simulators flying tutored missions constructed by a former student of Mr. Rey’s.  For more information visit the NYCDOE website.

STEM INSTITUTE Mid-Winter February, 2017


ST01 – Aviation and Aeronautics in Math and Science (Grades 6 to 12) Learn to make an airplane fly as you explore the science and math of aviation with
presenters who are DOE teachers. Teachers of math and physics exploring the benefits of STEM will identify and review instructional strategies that motivate students using computer-based flight simulators. Teachers will deepen their understanding of concepts such as motion, energy, forces, fluid dynamics, weather and climate, air density, navigation. Throughout the process math concepts from pre-algebra to linear and nonlinear equations will be used to explain the physics of flight. Physical concepts and associated math equations or techniques used to explain flight will be presented in the form of missions accomplished through the use of on-site flight simulators Special Requirement: None

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