STEMPilot@Home Launches Remote Learning Curriculum for K12 Schools


STEMPilot @Home – Product Launch

STEMPilot @Home™, a self-directed virtual learning program using NGSS-aligned lesson plans and curriculum offering students, a “hands-on” learning tool for schools used either in distance or classroom learning. The program uses flight simulation as a visual learning tool to apply K-12 S.T.E.M. engineering, science, and math while learning from home, a computer lab, or as an after-school activity. The program is easily to install using Google Classroom or Canvas. Students learn the theory of flight while training on an online flight simulator on any smart phone, tablet or Chromebook (with controller).

Engaging Students in STEM with Flight Simulation “. We demonstrate to kids future careers in engineering, aviation, air traffic control, coding, airframe and powerplant and science. We can help you accomplish this in your school,” says founder, Jay LeBoff.

  • Pioneered with visual learning at the forefront, students are challenged to watch videos on the subject, read the lesson, fly the simulator, and pass the quiz to move onto the next lesson.
  • Meaningful “Project Based Learning”.
  • Demonstrates real-world usefulness of STEM with applications in aviation and engineering.
  • Easy to follow multimedia-supported lesson plans.
  • Designed to fit all learning environments, whether it is in the class or at home.
  • Available online:

                                  Flying Students into Great Careers

Company Information: STEMPilot Inc’s manufacturers STEMPilot Flight Simulators, STEMPilot@Home and SAFEDrone, all classroom curriculums.

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