What is SAFEDrone ?

SAFEDrone is a classroom protocol for middle and high schools to use drones as a STEM learning tool. Our curriculum starts with learning the theory of flight then students train on the drone simulator, completing 6 levels of sim training to assure the students are capable. Upon completion of the simulator training students work in flight crews and repeat the simulator missions with a guarded prop quad copters. Kits are available in various sizes depending on the number of students. The SAFEDrone 1  and Pro are starter kits with 1 simulator and controller and software. SAFEDrone 5 Pro is designed for classes of 20 students working in flight crews of 4 students with 5 flying drones. The SAFEDrone 10 Pro is for a class of 30 students working in flight crews of 3 with 10 simulator stations and  10 drones are supplied with this kit. All kits include 36 pair of safety glasses, SAFEDrone curriculum & NGSS lesson plans, STEMPilot curriculum & NGSS lesson plans, Altitude Hold Post, Bullseye  landing targets, guarded prop quad-copters and spare props and batteries. All Pro kits include 5 foam obstacles for flying complex flights in the classroom.