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Incorporating STEMPilot In the Classroom

Current Problem

Every School Principal wants a S.T.E.M.  Initiative embracing math and science. The challenge is how to  implement a multi -disciplinary      program where none exists.  With only 20% of a lecture being retained by the average listener, students and teachers are finding they are repeating  themselves instead of moving forward. Students get bored and teachers often are not trained in the STEM, NGSS and Common Core objectives. The result is nothing Meaningful gets accomplished.

Our Solution

There are Profound Applications of Math, Science and Engineering in Aviation. 

The STEMPilot K12 Curriculum teaches students to apply multi-disciplinary classroom learning in Meaningful Project Based Learning. Our easy top follow curriculum assumes no prior aviation experience and includes Lesson Plans, 12 Self-Directed Tutored Simulator Training Missions, P.D. Learning Videos, factory telephone and Skype sessions. Our program is implemented in science and physics classrooms, STEM Labs, after school Flying Clubs and summer programs. Students learn to fly from any airfield on the planet in one of 50 aircraft. Working in Flight Crews of 3, students work together for all to succeed in Collaborative learning. Learning to fly encourages the students to solve complex problems using multiple disciplines while applying it to real life circumstances. This program ignites Future Career Opportunities outside of the 20 blocks of the neighborhood and there is no reason why your students can’t participate. We have also included two writing opportunities to explore famous aviators and the exploring the heritage location of their family by flying there and then writing about it. We provide alignments to NGSS, Common Core and other    state standards.

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N.G.S.S. - Next Generation Science Standards
C.C. - Common Core
N.Y.C. S.S.S. - New York City Science Scope & Sequence
TX E.K.S. - Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills

The STEMPilot curriculum is aligned to Next Generation Science Standards, Common Core, New York City Science Scope & Sequence, and other city and state standards to help teachers incorporate STEMPilot in the classroom. Check out the alignment and facilitation materials to the sides for further detail.

Facilitation Guides
Watch STEMPilot's Tutorial FlightsWatch STEMPilot's P.D. Training Videos