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Incorporating STEMPilot In the Classroom

Current Problem

S.T.E.M.  is a wonderful program used in the common core practice as a collaboration between the math and science departments; where the lesson plans attempt to link both classes and their curriculum’s. Their goal is to provide a more in depth learning experience and a more holistic understanding of those departments. However, the fragmentation of the classes severely hinder the communication process between the teaching community and their students. And with only 20% of a lecture being retained by the average listener, students and teachers are finding they are repeating themselves instead of moving forward.

Our Solution

Aviation not only covers all the basis in S.T.E.M., but can also be expanded upon in English & History classes.

No, you do not need to completely re-structure your program either.  Simply use our curriculum to put an Aviation spin on the lessons you are familiar with, and your path to eliminating fragmentation has begun. We have taken it a step further by incorporating our flight simulators into the curriculum as a project-based learning tool for more hands-on environments. Learning to fly encourages the students to solve complex problems using multiple math and science disciplines while applying it to real life circumstances experienced right then in the classroom.

C.C. - Common Core
N.G.S.S. - Next Generation Science Standards
N.Y.C. S.S.S. - New York City Science Scope & Sequence
TX E.K.S. - Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills
Watch STEMPilot's Tutorial Flights

The STEMPilot curriculum is aligned to Next Generation Science Standards, Common Core, New York City Science Scope & Sequence, and other city and state standards to help teachers incorporate STEMPilot in the classroom. Check out the alignment and facilitation materials to the sides for further detail.

Facilitation Guides
Teacher Lesson Guide (with C.C. and OK Standards met by activity)
Facilitating the STEMPilot Curriculum
"My First Flight" Activity
Watch STEMPilot's P.D. Training Videos