Miguel Cruz, the man who inspired the SAFEDrone

William S. Hart Union School District welcomed its first SAFEDrone 10 Classroom kit back in May 2023. This kit will be used to educate students on the different careers in aviation and STEM by the school’s very own STEM and Engineering teacher, Miguel Cruz.

Miguel Cruz has 20 years of experience in aviation and aerospace, where he started his aerospace career in the army. He was later inspired by his wife to go back to school and get his degree in aeronautics from Embry-Riddle University.

After many discussions between him and his wife about education and how competitive the workforce is, he went on to investigate what schools are doing to prepare youth for careers. He later decided to join the education field at Canoga Park High School. Here he would later create and run their engineering program.

As time went on, Miguel taught his students what it was like in the workforce by using everyday real-world group projects that would test the knowledge of his students. However, his school would later receive a grant that would allow him to purchase several flight simulators from STEMPilot. Miguel Cruz would later inspire STEMPilot’s very own SAFEDrone Classroom kits. Miguel would later purchase and bring SAFEDrone to William S. Hart Union School District.

“Just the sight of a drone in the classroom… creates a sense of wanting to be in this class.” The  SAFEDrone 10 Classroom kit will be used as part of his Drone Club where the students will learn the basic understanding of how a drone works and operates in the safety of the classroom.

STEMPilot has been manufacturing and selling simulators since 2005 to schools and youth programs nationwide. STEMPilot’s mission is to engage students in STEM with flight simulation.

To learn more about STEMPilot, visit us at https://www.stempilot.com/