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30 Apr Am I doing it right?

Don't be discouraged, many of our wonderful teachers have found themselves asking that same question when flying the simulator for the first time. We all know it takes practice and everyone learns differently, which is why we have been working on another aid for our...

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30 Apr The New Book is Here!

Hi everybody! If you haven't already heard, our curriculum book was updated recently and has finally arrived back from print, filled with more information then ever. Our K-12, Project-Based -Learning, STEM Curriculum is now sporting a new layout, new lessons, new tutorials for your simulator, new activities...

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14 Feb STEMPilot: Integrating Math with Aviation for a set of data points using linear regression

Integrating STEM Lessons by Bryan Holmes, Academy Program Leader & STEM Teacher Students at the Academy of Aerospace and Engineering benefit from an integrated STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) curriculum everyday, but some days we are able to completely integrate these four disciplines. Today was such a day for the...

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